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Google Guaranteed Program

If you have ever needed to hire a contractor for a project, you know how stressful the research to find that contractor can be. The Google Guarantee gives you the peace of mind that the contractor you are hiring has already been vetted and verified as being reliable. Google guarantees work done by a contractor hired through their program for up to $2000. If a homeowner isn’t happy with the contractor’s work performed on their home, they can submit a claim to Google within 30 days of project completion to recoup their money.

How Does a Business Become a Google Guaranteed Contractor?

A Google Guaranteed Contractor goes through a rigorous background check, license check, and business review. Companies that do not have positive online reviews will not receive Google’s seal of approval. Prospective contractors must submit proof of all licenses they hold in the state they would like to earn their Google Guarantee and must carry at least $1,000,000 in general liability insurance. Only the best contractors make it through to earning that coveted green checkmark next to their name.

How to Find a Google Guaranteed Contractor

When searching for a contractor, just go to Google and type in “best [roofer] in [Jacksonville]” and click Submit. The top choices on the screen will have a green checkmark next to them. You can call the number associated with that company. You will be connected directly to that company, and the call will be recorded. As long as you booked that contractor through the Google Guarantee program, Google will stand by that contractor’s work, protecting you from fly-by-night companies.

Elo’s Commitment to Our Customers

At Elo Roofing, we work hard every day to provide a Red Carpet Experience for our customers. Part of that commitment is giving our homeowners a sense of security when working with us. We are proud to be a Google Guaranteed Contractor! To request a free inspection, Click Here

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