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Your home is your safe haven. In order to protect yourself and your family from the outside world, you have to protect your home. Owning a home comes with many responsibilities, such as keeping it clean, fixing what is broken and ensuring that you and your family are housed in safe, living conditions. Part of protecting home includes making sure that your roof is in excellent working condition. A broken roof places your home and your family at risk and in dangers way. 

Elo Roofing is the leading residential roofing expert in Jacksonville, FL. With efficient service at our core, our team of residential roof specialists is experienced, insured, and knowledgeable, ensuring the utmost level of professionalism to every customer. Friendliness and respect are a top priority at Elo Roofing and serving our Jacksonville neighbors drive us to do the best job possible, every time.

There are many issues that can affect your home’s roof, especially as a resident of Jacksonville, here are some of them: 

Roof leaks

While we here in Jacksonville are blessed with amazing weather, we sure are no strangers to the rain. Jacksonville receives 52.4″ of rain annually. This type of precipitation is sure to cause some leaks in your roof. These leaks are a combination of many things. It can be a result of an old, failing roof. It can be a result of a lack of maintenance and repair. It can also be caused by clogged gutters and water overspilling and leaking into your home as a result. Roof leaks are an easy repair if seen immediately. If not, it can become a major issue that could weaken the structures of your entire home.

Algae and moss growth

The combination of excess moisture and high temperatures creates a perfect environment for the growth of moss and algae. Never underestimate the harm these seemingly harmless growths can cause. If left unchecked, moss and algae can spread to the point of damaging your roof’s structure and even the structure beneath. Best to get this checked by professional roofers in Jacksonville to avoid major damage. 

Storm damage

In Jacksonville, we are no stranger to severe weather conditions. Every so often a storm sweeps through our neighbourhoods and leaves a path of destruction in its wake. This destruction often includes the roofs of our homes. Severe winds can cause asphalt shingle roofing to lift, tear or break off completely. The same goes for tile roofing and even wood shakes. The winds can also result in trees blowing over on to roofs, damaging it in the process. Often a combination of heavy rain and wind can also cause gutters to dislodge or break. 

In need of residential roofing services? We’re here to help! Contact Elo Roofing today to schedule your free consultation with one of our trusted residential roofing specialists.

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