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The team at Elo Roofing gave away a free roof to a local man in St. Augustine last week after he won a social media competition the company started in early May. The winner, Michael Barry, was born in St. Augustine and raised in Jacksonville. He is an army veteran who served in the Korean War and helps members of his community all of the time through his church.

Jacksonville’s River City Live joined Elo’s CEO Derek Williams and Marketing Director Lisa Wilson at Mr. Barry’s house to learn more about the project and to meet Mr. Barry himself.

Elo Roofing gives away two free roofs each year through its charitable division, Project ELOvation. The company also gives back to the community through partnerships with Susan G Komen and Habitat for Humanity in both Florida and Colorado.

Be on the lookout for our next free roof giveaway by checking on our website,, and by liking us on Facebook (click here.

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