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Residential roofing

There’s is nothing quite like a Florida summer. The warm weather, great beaches, and holiday atmosphere are just some of the reasons people love Florida. But one thing we’re more notorious for is our hurricane season, which sweeps through during our Summer to Fall months.

The city of Jacksonville and Palm Coast has a humid subtropical climate. This means our Summers are characteristically hot and humid with recurrent thunderstorms. Jacksonville and Palm Coast’s Summer’s can reach a high of 90°F and also receives about 7″ of rainfall. This hot and humid climate creates the perfect environment for hurricanes, cyclones, and tornadoes.

We break down how exactly these severe weather conditions can impact your flat roofs or any type of commercial roofing you have in Jacksonville and Palm Coast.

Fly Off

Major storms and hurricanes largely consist of vicious and damaging winds. These types of winds can easily take apart an entire roof. Roofs that can be easily dismantled are usually old, broken, and have not been maintained in a very long time. Should your roof avoid being completely taken apart it is likely that you’ll be missing some asphalt shingles or paneling as a result of the storm.

Falling Trees

Trees are usually easy targets during major storms. Heavy winds can cause trees to collapse. Lightning can also split trees in half, set them on fire, or cause them to fall over. Falling trees can cause major damage to your property and your roof.

Heat Damage

Depending on the age of your roof, the sun’s rays can significantly impact the state of your roof, especially in environments with high temperatures, like Jacksonville and Palm Coast. Asphalt shingle roofing and TPO roofing, for example, can dry out and crack, and will eventually need to be replaced should the damage reach such an extent that they fall off or break.


Hail storms are a common occurrence during Jacksonville and Palm Coast’s summer months. These storms can cause large denting across your roof and in extreme cases, they can lead to major holes and roof leakages.

Damaged Gutters

During stormy weather, your gutters may suffer the most when not accurately secured. High wind speeds can lead to them detaching from your roof or simply being broken apart. Hail causes holes that lead to leakages in the gutter system. Also when gutters are blocked, an overflow may lead to water leaking into your home.

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