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When it comes to picking out a new roof for your house you’ll recognize that steep-slope roofs are a very common style for many homes. It is an old and trusted style with many benefits such as better water flow and a reduction in snow and debris buildup.

However, if you’re looking for something different, a change-up from the norm then flat roofs might just be the thing that you’re looking for. Flat roofing systems are common for large structures and commercial buildings. But from the early 20th century they have become a favorite in homes looking for a less conventional style.

Deviating from the norm can be a little nerve-wracking but rest assured that we, here at Elo Roofing, have dedicated years to excellent craftsmanship to provide you with the very best in roofing services.

Here’s why you should consider installing a flat roof for your home:


Probably the most obvious advantage of flat roofing systems is their affordability. Flat roof materials are a lot cheaper than any other roofing material. Its installation is really quick and easy and also reduces the risk of any on-site injuries, thus dramatically reducing your labor costs. These roofs are also really easy to maintain and clean. Re-coating and replacing these roofs are inexpensive due to the rubber and polymer materials used in the installation process. When cared for and regularly maintained your flat roof can last more than 20 years.

Easy cleaning

The warm and humid Florida climate makes the growth of moss and algae really easy, especially on places like residential roofs. Luckily flat roofs are really easy to clean and maintain. While it may be easier to clean, we suggest that you hire a professional team of roof cleaners to take care of your roof. Annual inspections of your flat roof will guarantee that your roof remains in good condition thus prolonging its life expectancy.

Extra space

Flat roofs provide a great space for extra installations that could improve your quality of life. This open space can be used to install air-conditioning or solar panels. Also due to their ease of access, you can also convert this space into an outdoor living area, like installing a garden, lounging area or a spot to barbeque.

Elo Roofing is the Jacksonville and Palm Coast roofing company that’s committed to providing the local community with only the best in flat roofing. We’ll assist you every step of the way, and our top-rated team is sure to do excellent work. Using quality materials and settling for nothing less than exceptional quality, we’re confident you’ll be thrilled with your new roof.

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