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Vicious Tornado Sweeps Through Orlando, FL
Vicious Tornado Sweeps Downtown Orlando

At the start of the Summer, while many were enjoying the warm weather and the festivities that come with it, some neighborhoods in downtown Orlando, FL had to take cover from the EF1 tornado that swept through the area.

According to the National Weather Service, what started as a water spout on Lake Conway, twister quickly turned into an aggressive EF1 tornado. The tornado’s winds reached a maximum of 110 mph and left many trees uprooted, some trees fell onto nearby homes, cars were flipped on their backs and some homes had their roofs ripped clean off.

Severe Damage

The Lake Magaret Village apartment complex suffered severe damage to several of its buildings. Many homeowners had their windows shattered, fencing torn apart as well as various property damages. Some even suffered power outages as trees fell on and crushed several powerlines. Many apartment buildings had emergency evacuations as the tornado tore through the city.

Many witnesses claimed they experienced a significant increase in pressure as well as a loud din that echoed throughout the downtown area. Many residents’ pets were terrified by the natural disaster but luckily no deaths were reported.

Hurricane Season

A spokesperson for the Orange Country Fire Department stated that about 8 buildings were damaged by the tornado and that about 30-50 residents were left displaced by the natural phenomenon. The National Weather Service has issued about 6 tornado warnings for the area and has begged people to take cover or seek shelter as soon as possible.

Heavy rains and ferocious winds accompanied the tornado as it swept through the city of Orlando for hours on end. The Florida, Texas, and Mississippi area are currently in the middle of hurricane season. As vicious storms sweep through the area, local authorities are begging residents to board up their houses as best as they can, and if they’re able to leave the area before a disaster strikes to please do so.

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