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Ownes Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor

Elo Roofing is an Owens Corning Platinum roofing contractor that serves the Jacksonville and Palm Coast communities.

Giving back to the community is a major tenet of Elo’s business philosophy. Elo has partnered with non-profit organizations through volunteer efforts and monetary donations that have a direct impact on individuals within the areas that we service. In addition, Elo works directly with members in these neighborhoods to help those in need of one of the most important components of a home – a safe and structurally sound roof.

roof installation

Susan G. Komen

Beginning in 2018 we partnered with Susan G. Komen so we could have a direct impact on the lives of women. It was during this year that one of Elo’s beloved employees was diagnosed with breast cancer. Susan G. Komen was instrumental in providing support to her.

As part of this partnership, Elo volunteered to run the registration booth at their More Than Pink Walk in Denver during September 2019. Our staff had the chance to speak with participants on how Susan G. Komen has been able to support women dealing with breast cancer. We also pledged and donated $5,000 to Susan G. Komen Colorado during 2019. Elo purchased fifteen dumpsters at our Jacksonville location and painted them SGK Pink. Elo customers have the opportunity to request an SGK Pink dumpster with an option to donate to Susan G Komen Florida when signing a contract; Elo will match these donations. This has helped raise awareness for the disease and organization that strives to help so many women struggling to beat breast cancer. In 2019 Elo donated $5,000 to Susan G. Komen Florida.

Habitat For Humanity

Elo partnered with Habitat For Humanity during 2019 to help local families realize the dream of homeownership by doing what we do best – home construction. In May of 2019, the Jacksonville office had 12 employees volunteer to help paint, clean, and landscape a home being built for a single mom and her children to have their very own home. Additionally, the company donated a total of $10,000 in 2019 to Habitat For Humanity.

In June of 2019, eight members of the Elo team joined Owens Corning and Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver to frame a home for a deserving family. It was a day of very hard work, but it was an excellent opportunity for team-building and for getting to know members of the community. We also got to see our monetary donation in action on the building site.

Not only does Elo demonstrate accountability and responsibility in its communities through partnerships, but we also demonstrate those practices on our own. In July 2019, our Jacksonville office put on our second free roof for a homeowner in need. This roof was put on for an army veteran who fought in the Korean War. He inherited his father’s home which had a leak in the roof for over four years. The homeowner could not get insurance due to the roof’s state of disrepair. He lived with a pot on his kitchen floor to catch leaking water for all those years. You may see news footage about this roof if you go to our blog page on our website,

Hurricane Dorian

In September of 2019 Elo received a phone call from a local VFW chapter that serves our veterans about a persistent roof leak. They were concerned it would get worse and needed it fixed due to the uncertainty of Hurricane Dorian’s path. Elo inspected the roof the next day and completed repairs free of charge. Volunteerism and giving are part of Elo’s employee’s own lives as well. Elo employees not only volunteered over 250 hours of time on company-sponsored projects but they also volunteered over 80 hours of their own time as well. It’s in all of our daily lives.

Dedicated to Our Communities

It is because of Elo’s dedication to the communities in which we serve that we should be awarded the Owens Corning Service Award. Elo Restoration and its team of employees are committed to giving back in any way we can. We have high standards of exceptional service and are consistently striving to make a difference every day through volunteer and donation efforts.

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